We're a seasoned animation studio with over 5 years of expertise, specializing in animated commercials, cartoon production, and UI animations.

We’ve got you covered from the get-go, every step
of the production process.

what we do

Our team is structured to prioritize creative solutions and developments over simple execution, ensuring you can trust us with:

Explainer Video Production

We explain your product, services, or idea in under 60 seconds. Even the most complex one.

B2B Animations

We create animations that sell, increase the amount of leads, or convert. Need animation to bring in the investors? We do that as well.

Training Videos

Animations are the best way of translating complex IT start-up services and ideas in a brief and easy-to-digest manner.

Educational Video Production

Educational animations work both for children and a more mature audience, making information easy to understand in an essay or more story-driven form.

Commercial Video Production

Animwood specializes in creating appealing animated ads and commercials for the web and TV.

Cartoon Production

We create and manage the production of animated cartoons and series as well as help with film and movie developments. Our team has already produced 2 series, consisting of over 60 episodes.

App animation

We create responsive, text-based animations for apps, web and newsletters using Lottie files and JSON formats. Animwood consists of talented UX/UI designers so we’re experienced partners for app developers.

Internal Communications Animated Videos

For our corporate partners, we create animations for internal communication that are instructive, educational, and at the same time appealing.

Social Media Content

Stand out from the crowd with our motion graphics and animated gifs dedicated to your social media channels.

Video for Business

We help craft your message, reach your audience, and build loyalty, resulting in the growth of your business.

Production Process

Our refined production process guarantees that your animated video will be delivered on time and within the budget. As an experienced animation studio, we take care of every production step for you.

Start your animated video production with us today! Whether you're looking to create captivating explainer videos, engaging social media content, or dynamic promotional materials, we're here to help.

Moho Partnership

We are proud supporters and pioneers of Moho Animation software in cartoon productions in Central Europe with over 4 years of experience with it.



Back in 2018, we started as a team of animation enthusiasts. Today, we’re a fully-fledged animation studio consisting of over 20 creatives and producers, including character and traditional animators, illustrators, storyboard artists, and Art and Creative Directors, brought together by one goal: to craft best animated videos and learn along the way.

Animwood in a nutshell? For us, design and animation is both passion and work.

Now, throw in a unique work culture, add powerful creative tools, season with a hunger for self-development, and embellish with plants. See? That’s exactly why Animwood is not only our workplace but a home away from home.

You can reach us at office@animwood.com or at our cozy and plant-filled office in the lovely city of Cracow, Poland.

some of our clients



Like all creative minds, we create tons of stuff. Sometimes even more than we need. Many things end up in projects, but some stay unused. Still, we love them all and are happy to share them.