character rigging and animation masterclass

Hello guys! The collaboration Motion Design School and resulted with the Character rigging and animation in MOHO Masterclass course.
Our students will learn all important features of MOHO 12, rigging 2,5d characters, use of smartbone actions, practical use of principles of animation in cut-out character animation and how to animate full scene for your explainer video.

The course in available on Motion Design School website

2. Rigging

How to quickly rig your characters using MOHO with multiple techniques:
This step contains necessary knowlage to rig a character.

  • Binding a box man
  • Actions and masks
  • Importing layers
  • Mouth rig and switch layers
  • Bones
  • Bones dynamics
  • Binding graphics to bones

3. Smartbones

Real life application for smartbones to mimic 3D head turns. Tips and tricks for creating proper face and body parts animation.

  • Closing eyes
  • Head turn up and down
  • Squash and stretch
  • Body turn
  • Left and right

4. Basics of animation

Understanding how to animate character motion
and movements humans as an example.

  • Timeline and interpolation
  • Lockbones
  • Head movement up
  • Body movements
  • Head movement right

5. Animating the main scene

Rigging your first real project scene with multiple characters and animals.

  • Mixing the rig
  • Dog head turn
  • Rigging the girl
  • Animating the tail
  • Animating main scene
  • Animating the dog
  • Rigging the dog
  • Cat movement

6. Hand's rig and animation

Rigging 2,5d hands and animating it.

Thanks for watching!